Women’s White T-Shirts That Will Last

Women’s White T-Shirts That Will Last

When it comes to upgrading your basics, you should consider just how often you wear them. Me? I have an entire section of my T-shirt drawer dedicated to white tees. I take finding the perfect white T-shirt very seriously. I’ve found there are a few that rise above the rest, in quality and in cut, because not all T-shirts are created equal. Upgrade your basic white T-shirt to one of these.

Boxy Semi-Crop, $30 from Mott & Bow: The Boxy Semi-Crop tee is the perfect length for a t-shirt. I can easily tie it to wear with high-waisted jeans or a skirt, but it also can be half-tucked for a more put-together look. It’s sturdy but not stiff and has a soft, silky feel thanks to the 50/50 blend of Pima cotton and Modal.

Frances de Lourdes Johnny Round-Neck T-Shirt, $289 from Matches: Cashmere isn’t always made for sweaters. The Johnny Round-Neck t-shirt from Frances de Lourdes feels almost incomprehensibly soft. The cashmere and silk blend gives this a lightweight feel and a relaxed fit that is perfect for layering under a blazer for a casual but elevated look.

Women’s Fitted Crew, $28 from Known Supply: This T-shirt is probably my favorite white tee. It’s 100% Pima cotton and comes pre-washed, so it’s already soft and ready to go. It has a relaxed but structured fit so it can stand on its own as a great utilitarian t-shirt, but I recommend getting some embroidery as an added flair.

Linen V-neck Pocket T-shirt, $40 from J.Crew: This is the T-shirt I bought over and over again throughout college and still have in my drawer today. The linen fabric is breathable and lightweight, but not too sheer. The V-neck is a great length that shows enough skin to feel modern but won’t leave you feeling too exposed.

Women’s Scoop V Tee, $34 from Richer Poorer: Normally, I hate a scoop neck but the Scoop Tee from Richer Poorer has a modified scoop that’s more like a curved V-neck. The longer sleeve length means you can roll them if you want (I usually do) or keep them unrolled for a more elevated look. Made from 100% organic cotton and washed in a silicone wash to break it in, this should be your go-to tee.

Women’s Second Skin Crew Neck Tee, $55 from Tommy John: The Second Skin line from Tommy John is made from unshrinkable, wrinkle-resistant Pima Cotton/Modal/Spandex blend. It had enough stretch to feel comfortable but will never get stretched out of shape.

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