VIDEO: Stephen A. Smith got in front of a green screen for the memes

Stephen A Smith green screen

Stephen A. Smith is one of the hardest working men in sports.

Between his daily radio show, countless appearances on ESPN talking-heads shows, and reporting from courtside before and after NBA games, Smith’s presence at the Worldwide Leader in Sports is inescapable.

While Smith schtick was once dismissed by some as bloviating, over the past few years, he’s leaned into his bit with a hint of self-awareness, and become a beloved character on the internet.

On Thursday, Smith gave both his fans and his haters some amazing material to work with when he released a 90-second clip of him recording different reactions and promotions in front of a green screen.

Through the video, Smith is a true professional, giving lines different reads and adjusting to the producer’s directions on the fly.

Regardless of the initial purpose of the shoot, once Smith released the green screen footage, the internet had a field day, bringing to life some of his most infamous platitudes.

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