THE ADDAMS FAMILY Official Trailer (2019) Animated Movie HD

THE ADDAMS FAMILY Official Trailer (2019) Animated Movie HD

THE ADDAMS FAMILY Official Trailer (2019) Animated Movie HD

THE ADDAMS FAMILY Official Trailer (2019) Animated Movie HD
© 2019 – MGM

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41 thoughts on “THE ADDAMS FAMILY Official Trailer (2019) Animated Movie HD

  1. look what they have done the the film mommmaa

  2. Bored Now says:

    Not sure about this one.

  3. DawnArts says:

    “Don’t forget to kick your father goodnight.”


  4. I just loved it in the first 30 minutes great start.

  5. I think that I'm going to really like this especially the animation and the music

  6. i really love The Addams Family😂

  7. Andre Heihei says:

    Fat boy is side YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡

  8. Where's Uncle It and Grandma?

  9. vanila says:

    Wow.. Finally my dream come true.. Gonna watch this wonderful movie soon… Childhood memories 🤗😍😍😍

  10. It is just like Hotel Transylvania 😂

  11. И тут реклама этого мульта..

  12. Jaeun Kwon says:

    Damn,the thumbnail made me snicker loudly at the public. 😂

  13. Margie Adube says:

    is it just me or does Mrs Adams Look like the other mother of coraline

  14. Yas finn wolfhard is there!!

  15. Liza Tchii says:

    Pourquoi Mercredi à une tête comme ça ?

  16. Floon Toon says:

    That It reference was so horribly forced

  17. wth just noticed wendnesdays braids .0.

  18. Why does Morticia look like Coraline's mother?

  19. Man I haven't feel in lobe with a trailor like this in years. I really hope this doesn't get cancelled.

  20. How did Morticias nail not pop Wednesdays balloon?!

  21. Yvonne Burns says:

    I hope we get to meet Cleopatra 😍

  22. Another RAVE thing, just like The Grinch 2018. Better Addams Family the MOVIE.

  23. Frigus Reef says:

    I'm uoset that they're ruining the Addams Family

  24. Emily . L says:

    Everything Finn’s in seems to have an it reference lmao

  25. Ya know what's cool? Seeing Gay and Lesbian couples being called normal families. Good job, MGM

  26. I hate it

    I'll take seven copies please

  27. I like the fact that they keep them in clothes that resemble what they’d normally wear. It’s admirable at best to such details

  28. Windysaint says:


  29. Beverly Park says:

    Oh hell no, this looks like shit.

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