Microsoft launches AI Business School

Microsoft launches AI Business School Microsoft launches AI Business School - EPQioPVtamk 0AAAAASUVORK5CYII  - Microsoft launches AI Business School

Microsoft today introduced the AI Business School, a series of case studies and free instructional videos made to help business executives design and successfully implement an AI strategy within their organization.

The Microsoft AI Business School is born out of three years of conversations with customers and follows the launch of an AI school for developers and AI School first introduced last year.

The AI Business School follows the lead of similar instructional guides, such as the AI Transformation Playbook from Andrew Ng. Unlike others, AI Business School material draws on three years of conversations with customers implementing AI, as well as lessons learned from AI solutions introduced internally at Microsoft, Microsoft vice president of AI marketing and productization Mitra Azizirad told VentureBeat in a phone interview.

Course content will focus on four main areas: Strategy, culture, technology basics, and responsible AI. And courses will include tools for things like evaluating a business’ AI maturity level to understanding what’s required to successfully implement AI at their company.

“There’s been a ton of conversations about AI and the transformation that so many jobs will experience in the technical world or [for] office employees or even frontline workers, but you really don’t hear as much outside of enterprises and organizations about the kind of transformation that is really required,” Azizirad said. “AI Business School was born with this goal of helping business leaders drive AI transformation in their company’s confidence, but also to redefine their role as leaders.”

The launch of the business school follows the release one week ago of a survey of business leaders in the United States and Europe commissioned by Microsoft that asks when they plan to implement AI and about investments being made as a result of AI in things like motivating or inspiring employees.

Motivating and inspiring employees was ranked as the number one thing business executives plan to invest in while growing their use of AI, a nod to the ways in which making a business ready for AI can alter company culture.

To address this need, the AI Business School advises businesses to celebrate cross-sectional teamwork and make sure every layer of their organization feels empowered to speak up about ways AI can be used in their own jobs. It’s something CFO Amy Hood came to learn when AI was brought into the company’s finance department.

“Her role was to build confidence, excitement, rewards, and a system for people who would feel comfortable enough to quite frankly, volunteer their own business processes to be reinvented,” Azizirad said.

The responsible AI section of the school will explore how business leaders can manage risks related to AI and the kind of ethical accountability and governance that need to be place within an organization.

Specific industry-vertical approaches and other updates for new content will be added in the future, Azizirad said.

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