JOKER Official Trailer (2019) Joaquin Phoenix DC Movie HD

JOKER Official Trailer (2019) Joaquin Phoenix DC Movie HD

JOKER Official Trailer (2019) Joaquin Phoenix DC Movie HD

JOKER Trailer (2019) Joaquin Phoenix DC Movie HD [Official Trailer]

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34 thoughts on “JOKER Official Trailer (2019) Joaquin Phoenix DC Movie HD

  1. One thing that would top off this movie for me is if Joker does his Injustice: Gods Among Us Fatality on one of the forces of darkness.

    Nonetheless, I put my full faith in Joaquin Phoenix as Joker. Looking forward to the movie.

  2. After Shazam and this trailer, it seems DC finally got its shit together. Can't wait to see this. Joaquin might be the next Ledger performance, I'd bet on it.

  3. Well actualy the traiker dsnt show anithing he does they should put another trailer showing he exploding edifices or robing a bank like the real Joker do not just getting punches and kicks :v what a shitty trailer realy disapointing

  4. Leo Mahesh says:

    Next joker confirm..

  5. z2001lhcjer says:

    An actual movie with a story…give me this anyday over an empty Marvel script pancaked in CGI.

  6. Forrest Gump Dark version.

  7. Om Ega says:

    I used to hate Joker…but after watch the trailer… I love him …

  8. billy aaron says:

    oh hello there, just stopping by for my daily visit

  9. 2:00 the way he runs makes me so excited

  10. Ladies and gentlemen mr jokerin Phoenix in da house!

  11. I think everybody is up to the ass with superheroe movies

  12. Let's be honest, Heath Ledger threw out a performance no one could outperform and he'll always be "The Joker" to all of us. .. But after this? I guess I can vouch for Joaquin Phoenix's Joker to do just fine.

  13. TheFofotron says:

    We live in a society, folks.

  14. creamocrop says:

    "All it takes is one bad day."
    This movie really gives me that vibe.

  15. Bilal Shahid says:

    This was so emotional!!!!!!!!! 😔😔

  16. Andi /rif from Indonesia next joker 😉 #/rif #rif #/rifband

  17. TheFatAgent says:

    This thing actually looks promising

  18. D B says:

    The craziest method actor to play the craziest DC villian? Sounds like a great day at the nut House.

  19. p1 ls says:

    i said 4 years ago if they were to do a joker movie that joaquin would be the best choice. Glad to see it happening, hes a phenomenal actor, best chance to pull this off right.

  20. Mega Max says:

    This movie is Oscar material!! 🙌

  21. OMG I can't wait to see this. Very excited to see Joachim Phoenix on screen again♡ always a pleasure!

  22. Year of the Pig is a villain year Joker, Brightburn, Dark Phoenix, It Chapter 2,US and Pet Cemetery.

  23. Marcus Cox says:

    Gotham city made the joker

  24. Willy Rivero says:

    Wow! Even the trailer calls for an Oscar.
    What an impressive performance in just two minutes!

  25. Amazing tribute to ledger. He should have picked up the shoes istead of jared. Nonetheless great.

  26. Elizanne says:

    Literally cannot wait. Joaquin Phoenix, what an actor…………….

  27. white jadin says:

    Ya know I'm more of a marvel fan because of the movies this past year. but this looks good as hell and I actually want to watch it… Maybe 2019 will be the year of great movies from DC

  28. André Luiz says:

    Ô coringa vai ser um coitadinho?

  29. In this movie, is the joker bad🤡🤡🤡

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