Huawei launches online store for South Africa

Huawei launches online store for South Africa huawei launches online store for south africa - Z - Huawei launches online store for South Africa

Huawei South Africa has launched an e-commerce store, offering a number of its products for sale directly to the public.

Speaking at an event in Johannesburg, Huawei South Africa CTO Akhram Mohamed said that the store would sell every product currently available in South Africa – except those that were out of stock or end of life.

There will be various special promotions and unique offers available exclusively on the online store which will be similar to the popular ‘daily deals’ format.

Mohamed added that the store would only sell prepaid products and was not aimed at undercutting current partners, but was instead aimed at giving customers more options to find and purchase Huawei products in the country.

He noted that this e-commerce platform is a licensed reseller in partnership with Mustek Limited, and is not operated directly by Huawei South Africa.

However, the after-sales support for purchases made through this platform would be provided by Huawei, with the company adding to its current call centre compliment to handle the increased e-commerce load.

The platform will use offer a number of payment options through Paygate with Huawei also looking to introduce credit options in the coming weeks.

Mohamed said that further down the line Huawei would also look at a rewards system.

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