HOW TO BE ALONE Official Trailer (2019) Horror Movie

HOW TO BE ALONE Official Trailer (2019) Horror Movie

HOW TO BE ALONE Official Trailer (2019) Horror Movie

HOW TO BE ALONE Official Trailer Movie in theatre soon.

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27 thoughts on “HOW TO BE ALONE Official Trailer (2019) Horror Movie

  1. Uh, can someone please explain the plot to me?

  2. Eh? Me no understanding this 💩

  3. Nomad Lord says:

    So she's a psychopath trying to stay clean

  4. Dunecigar says:

    Guys… I gotta say… That it looks good.

  5. JMB says:

    Looks like a really bad drug trip

  6. This is gonna be CRAAAP

  7. Katalyst80 says:


  8. Danii Way says:

    finally they’re in a movie together

  9. What…The… Fuck…

    I am so ready!!

  10. edna1628 says:

    well at least the trailer isnt telling the entire plot so you already know the movie.

  11. Between It Follows and Tau and How to Be Alone … this girl has the worse luck

  12. 5amlight says:

    It looks like it’s something a middle schooler would make for a short film project

  13. you know the movie will be shitty if it has this actress or Britt Robertson.

  14. Deanith says:

    How to be alone:

    Be me and everyone will eventually leave you.

  15. XXI says:

    0:58 ben hargreeves is in there…

  16. Meta Maus says:

    Steve Harrington and Jay from It Follows? OK then.

  17. Margot says:

    Didn’t understand shit but this seems interesting

  18. MadFlourish says:

    I wondered how I knew her… she is from Tau! and I want a sequel to that pls

  19. Chase says:

    Thank God I'm not the only one who does weird shit when no one's looking!

  20. Paula Tirado says:

    This girl was in The Tribes of Los Palos Verdes with Jennifer Garner…..

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