How CrunchMatch helped Yoolox increase distribution – TechCrunch

How CrunchMatch helped Yoolox increase distribution – TechCrunch

German startup Yoolox, makers of a portable wireless charger for smartphones, tablets and laptops, exhibited in Startup Alley at Disrupt with the goal of spreading awareness of their first products, Yoolox 10k and 16k. Given Disrupt’s global brand exposure, Yoolox decided it would be the perfect place to debut what they had been working on:

TechCrunch Disrupt gave us the opportunity to exchange with potential distribution partners and investors. It was a great opportunity to get a direct feedback. — Pascal Bosten, co-founder, Yoolox

Through CrunchMatch, TechCrunch’s matchmaking tool, Yoolox had a number of meetings set up with various Disrupt attendees, outside of just investors, notably, U.S.-based CWO Distribution, which focuses on helping hardware startups with e-commerce distribution, retail strategies and more. They helped Yoolox get a listing on Amazon while both Walmart and Home Depot are currently underway. In addition, CWO also is handling their entire fulfillment process. Following the conference, Yoolox and CWO took the products to CES and were subsequently featured in Gizmodo and The Verge.

We met CWO at TechCrunch Disrupt in Berlin and since then we have been constantly increasing sales. Disrupt helped us to connect with the right people. The CrunchMatch networking app made it very easy to efficiently filter interests and find the right contact persons. — David Photien, co-founder, Yoolox

If you’re looking to connect with investors, partners or others at Disrupt, taking advantage of the CrunchMatch networking platform may connect you with the right people to propel your business. If you’re interested in exhibiting in Startup Alley, grab your exhibitor package here, which includes three Founder Passes. Or if you were thinking about bringing a group of startups to Disrupt, reach out to and someone from the TechCrunch team will be in touch with you.

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