Five Styles of Sunglasses Fit For Any Face, From Aviator to Cateye

Five Styles of Sunglasses Fit For Any Face, From Aviator to Cateye Five Styles of Sunglasses Fit For Any Face, From Aviator to Cateye - Z - Five Styles of Sunglasses Fit For Any Face, From Aviator to Cateye

Even if we forget sometimes because clouds or offices compel us to, the sun is definitely very much still shining bright. And when it catches your face, it can cause some long-term damage to your eyeballs if you’re not protecting them, or least force a squint.

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Good sunglasses can both save your sight and complement your style. Use our guide to get the right pair for you — and rest assured knowing we’re only recommending lenses with 100% UV protection.


Aviators are original and classic. These polarized and 100% UV coated glasses let you be serious or beachy, on the job or napping in a field, standing at a wedding or heading off on a hike. Get the classic Ray Ban gold frame and green lens or try something new with the black frame and blue lens. Or try a blockier style with Carrera’s take on the aviator.

Semi Rimless

Here’s another Ray Ban-dominated corner. The semi style spread like wildfire recently, chasing the same casually professional look as the aviators. Try the highly rated Clubmaster in ebony or crystal green. For more options and less dollars, check out the popular Grey Jack half frames, which you can get in brown, blue and black, matte black and green, and nearly a dozen other colors.


They’re big, bold, and everywhere — join this kind of catness with Kate Spade’s Amara Cat Eyes. These highly rated frames aren’t polarized and come in black blush, tortoise, and a clear black.


If you want to cover your half your face with shade and coolness, lean into oversized sunglasses like Coach’s take, a mainstay. More muted styles look like PERVERSE’s oversized frames, which are big but subtle. If your personality it more blocky, head the Quay way with the Desi Perkins model, giving you a straight and sleek but colorful look.


Since you know not to wear stylish or expensive shades on your runs and rides, you’ll want to have a pair set side for sports. Under Armour’s Dynamo is a versatile choice for your flexible workouts. When style is still significant while you sweat, do so with Tifosi’s lust wrap sunglasses, which you can get in sage wood or blue tortoise.

Whatever you’re doing under sun, do it safe and do it smart with sunglasses on your face (and not on your head).

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