Courteney Cox posts Instagram call back to the best ‘Friends’ scene

Courteney Cox remembers the RIGHT way to move your furniture
Courteney Cox remembers the RIGHT way to move your furniture

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Courteney Cox gave us a dose of ’90s nostalgia on Saturday with an Instagram post that brought us right back to the days of beautiful thirty-somethings somehow living in outlandishly expensive Manhattan apartments.

In the video captioned with #pivot, Cox can be heard berating the folks moving her table down the hall with continuous shouts of, “Pivot! Pivot! Pivot!” Her exasperated helpers seem less than enthused to be in on the joke, with one sarcastically saying, “Very helpful, thank you.

Fans will remember that in the Friends scene she’s parodying, Rachel and Chandler are helping Ross move a couch that just won’t fit up the stairwell. 

He even provides a diagram for the right approach, shouting instructions during the attempt that devolve into “Pivot! Pivot! Pivot!” and Chandler responding with, “Shut up! Shut up!”

Cox’s character Monica wasn’t even in the scene. But Chandler does admit that she would have been the better option to help since, “Monica is freakishly strong.”

She didn’t show off her freakish strength in the IRL recreation, either. But we’re sure her onscreen brother Ross would approve of her methods anyway.

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