Betting on Week 1 of the AAF is a once in a lifetime opportunity

Betting on Week 1 of the AAF is a once in a lifetime opportunity

This weekend the Alliance of American Football kicks off its first week of existence, providing football to fans eager to watch, analyze, and of course bet on their favorite sport.

While the public now knows the rules, rosters, and coaching staffs of each team in the new league, their quality is still unknown, and viewers won’t be able to get a real sense of who’s good and who’s not until the games this weekend, making this Saturday a unique opportunity for gamblers.

Sports bettors are usually attempting to outsmart the books and their fellow bettor to predict the future. No matter how well you think you know football, the sportsbook will always be better informed, making finding an edge in NFL near-impossible for casual bettors.

But the AAF presents a wholly different proposition to bettors this weekend — this is mostly a football version of roulette, and some of the bookmakers in Las Vegas are admitting as much.

Jay Kornegay, VP of Race and Sports Operations at the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook, described booking the AAF before a game had been played as “A little bit of a crapshoot,” to Vegas Stats & Information Network on Friday.

Nobody knows anything about how these teams play beyond the few players we are familiar with from their NFL or college days. The sport will still be football, and we can even bet on it, but rather than betting the Patriots, Rams, Eagles, or Steelers, we can bet on Mystery Team A or Mystery Team B — in this case, the Orlando Apollos or Atlanta Legends.

For serious sports bettors, this is an excellent opportunity to look for an edge over the books if you think you can find one. Read up and watch all the film you can find, and maybe you can crack the code before Las Vegas does and make some money. I wish you luck!

I think this is too fun an opportunity to waste on studying. It’s a crapshoot! I love shooting craps! Except for this time the dice I’m throwing are eight teams with fun names that will play by the rules of football that I know very well, instead of the rules of craps, which still confuse me every time I step up to a table.

Below are our best bets for Week 1 of the AAF season.

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