Athleisure Shirts for the Office From Lululemon, Everlane, Rhone, and More

Athleisure Shirts for the Office From Lululemon, Everlane, Rhone, and More athleisure shirts for the office from lululemon, everlane, rhone, and more - 9k  - Athleisure Shirts for the Office From Lululemon, Everlane, Rhone, and More

Athleisurewear is no longer just a weekend category. It’s everywhere, brands know it, and they’re increasingly stepping up options, styles, and value to get your attention and prove to you that theirs is the best of the best. Comfortable, durable, breathable, sweat-wicking, quick-drying — these are just some of the features we’re seeing in more and more office-worthy apparel. We’ve shared our picks for men’s and women’s athleisure pants that work at work and women’s tops to cover you in a boardroom and through casual Friday. Here are our top picks, best sellers, and top-rated athleisure shirts that work at work.

Grid Light Short Sleeve Shirt, $98 at Lululemon: Sweat-wicking and quick drying, this versatile and professional button-down include a hidden grid of reflective stripes that will light up under streetlights of the warming months ahead, whether you’re cycling home or out for a walk.

Commuter Tech Polo, $92 at Rhone: Four-way stretch, perforated venting, and odor-resistant construction meet moisture-wicking, quick drying, and wrinkle-resistant in this perfect polo who asymmetrical seams make for a stylish and unique look.

Hybrid Denim Shirt, $88 at Hill City: Yeah, you read right: denim. Get the classic look with built-in a cooling cotton-polyester blend fabric that is moisture-resisting and quick drying. Designed to stretch with you more than traditional denim, this work shirt won’t stop you from flexibility.

The Cotton Slim Fit Shirt , $50 at Everlane: This basic cotton button-down is elevated with a lightweight construct, a design you can move around in and built for breathability.

World’s Coolest Shirt, $88 at Betabrand: Hard to top the name but let’s try. The shirt packs hundreds of thousands of micro-vents designed to help the shirt fully air-dry within an hour (after being soaked in a spring shower, for example). It’s a light, breathable, poly-mesh blend fabric that should keep you nimble at work and light on your feet.

Howe 2.0 Button Down, $125 at Mizzen + Main: Classic design and a great short collar are married with moisture-wicking, light, and four-way stretch fabric that is wrinkle-resistant. The shirt comes in many styles and each one checks off top style for the office and evening ahead.

Skyline Shirt LS Oddysea, $99 at Arc’teryx: In many ways, this Canadian outdoor brand is reshaping the button-down here, from a unique design and cut to outdoor durability on indoor-styled apparel. You’re getting a breathable fabric that’s designed to protect you from UV radiation isn’t an everyday feature.

Bonterra Performance Shirt, $98 at UNTUCKit: Aiming for a look that doesn’t have to be pushed into your pants, the Bonterra is wrinkle-free, moisture-wicking, anti-odor, stretchable, and classically styled in a nylon-spandex blend.

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