Animation 2019 – What to Expect

Animation 2019 - What to Expect Animation 2019 - What to Expect - Z - Animation 2019 – What to Expect

Animation 2019 – What to Expect

It’s 2019 and there’s plenty of animated movies and cartoons to see this year. In this video, I share my thoughts about upcoming animated content and my initial feelings about them

Saberspark is a YouTube channel who researches, reviews, and analyzes various movies and cartoon shows from the world of animation

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Long Gone Gulch Link:

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20 thoughts on “Animation 2019 – What to Expect

  1. Saberspark says:

    What movies and shows are you all looking forward to this year? Lemme know in the comments so I can see if I missed anything!

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  2. Olivetree says:

    o m g I am so excited for the animated cartooooonnsss!!! but the sonic movie looks so grody I can’t even

  3. when victor and valentino is supposed to be mexican but its spanish (spain)

  4. Moon Stone says:

    There’s a live action Dora movie and you need to review when it comes out, it’s so werid, and why would you do this kinda thing

  5. Lara _LM says:

    The Adams family animation looks incrediblely ugly ugggghhhhhhhhh omg why just why

  6. Global Gamer says:

    A bit disappointed about how nobody is noticing Cliffside, The pilot was amazing and I really hope it get's picked up soon! (The Pilot) (The Creator's Channel)

  7. 2019: the year of the sequel

  8. Robyn Gunter says:

    I’ve been keeping up with the streams and shorts for Hazbin Hotel. I’m so excited to see something that has such a stylized and mature theme, but manages to be cute and charming on the screen. The animations are so clean and consistent, the VA is impeccable. You can’t help but love the cast and story, since they went in such a good direction with it.

    They did over the top for somethings, but it works so incredibly well. Especially since shows or movies based on a hellish premise seem to take it to seriously, or reiterate the fact that it’s hell. It gets old really quick. That’s not the case here though, and it’s awesome. Can’t wait for it

  9. Devil Man says:

    It really was a great movie

  10. Hazbin hotel is the only thing I like I wonder whenever is coming out maybe this summer I hope

  11. Durik Troler says:

    TEHEHEHE 18:24 Don't tell what

  12. Im looking foward to infinity train and hazbin hotel

  13. Virfah says:

    Waiting for Hazbin Hotel!

  14. VILLANOUS? thats something you need to see and put on your lisrt

  15. Alright so, I also didn't have a lot of expectations for Dumbo, but after watching it, I fell in love with that movie.

  16. Spicekat says:

    I see Hazbin Hotel I CLICK

  17. Cheese Mouse says:

    okay sorry not sorry but missing link is fucking amazing

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